Consumer word-of-mouth recommendations from a trusted source are very welcome in e-commerce and e-business like offline business.

The word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.


Consumers have always valued opinions expressed directly to them.

Its influence is greatest when consumers are buying a product for the first time or when products are relatively expensive.


  • because people do more research
  • seek more opinions
  • think longer than they otherwise would.

The digital revolution has change everything where word of mouth is no longer an act of one-on-one communication.

Today, it also operates on a one-to-many basis: product reviews are posted online and opinions disseminated through social networks.

There are several tools that can help in collecting consumer reviews:

  • built in functionality – fully managable
  • widgets with social networks “likes”
  • adding consumer reviews from the special integrator of reviews like, or
  • even a specialised websites like where you can post your opinion about the service company.

Some customers even create Web sites or blogs to praise or punish brands.

As consumers have become overloaded, they have become increasingly skeptical about traditional company-driven advertising and marketing and increasingly prefer to make purchasing decisions largely independent of what companies tell them about products.

The process looks following:

  1. a decision to buy a product,
  2. an initial consideration set of brands formed through product experience, recommendations, or awareness-building marketing.
  3. next  gathering product information from a variety of sources
  4. a decision which brand to purchase.
  5. Their postsales experience then informs their next purchasing decision.

Sometimes moderators of reviews want to remove all bad reviews.

Actually consumsers are not stupid. they know that it is impossible to satisfy all 100% consumers or customers for business services.

Simly don’t hide such bad reviews but please try to contact such consumer and ask for details and suggestions.

You can win and get a loyal consumer.