A couple of days ago Allegro joined the Fairsearch organisation that wanted to limit Google domination in setting web search engines rules. Actually their principles are quite obvious but the real life is a little bit more complicated.





Please look at their principles:

  • “TRANSPARENCY: Consumers – not search engines – should choose winners in the marketplace. Consumers benefit from more choices in the search marketplace competing to win users, innovating to improve products and displaying results transparently. When search providers engage in search discrimination – manipulating search results to promote a favored product and demote competitors – consumers pay the price.
  • INNOVATION: Consumers benefit when competition in the marketplace forces companies to continue to innovate and develop the best solutions for online search. No one company should be allowed to use its dominance to foreclose competitors from the search marketplace – particularly in high-traffic specialty segments, like travel, jobs, health, real estate, media and local search.”


I fully agree with these statements but the question is why Internet users prefer use a Google search engine instead of bing, yahoo, aol or any other search engines.

There are some examples like Russian yandex.ru or Chinese baidu.com search engines that are better on their local market then Google. These markets are not so open. They have internal restrictions.

In all other markets Google wins. Google sets standards and rules in search. Actually they are monopolists because of their unique skills and know how. They are very fast in implemententing changes.

But I see that they do many good things to stop unfair activities recently like catalogs, SWL linking, fake content, duplicates of website, articles, etc.

On the other hand they introduce more and more new services for example: Google Merchant for e-commerce, Google e-books, Google Places…

Majority of users don’t want to look at many search engines results. They use only 1-2 pages for their decision.

The problem is that Google is not a search engine only anymore. They bought many business and develop many new services constantly.

The question is if they treat them in search equally like other businesses or maybe they are better postioned in their own search engine rankings. I don’t know.

I know that Google has the access to so many websites, so many contents, so many ideas, so many business cases like any other company. This is their huge advantage. And they know how to use it. Simply:

  • they prepare their current tools to meet our needs – because they know very well our needs – local, regional, global.
  • they develop new tools and services because they know all new ideas that are spreading all over the web.

Summarising I agree that better regulations and more competitors in this search engine business are very important for overall global business.


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