Digital Marketing campaigns

In our service of digital marketing campaigns management, we help our customers determine the right product and the purpose of the campaign, develop a strategy for promoting on the web, and then oversee the preparation of appropriate tools and media advertising (banners, advertorials, positioning, advertising boxes, e-PR, viral marketing elements, etc.).

What are digital marketing tools worth investing?

The selection is always made in dependency on several factors:

  1. what we want to achieve,
  2. type of product/service that we promote
  3. the target group
  4. budget

What we offer in digital marketing campaigns management:

We develop strategies to use Internet marketing tools to increase your competitive advantage. We offer a comprehensive approach to the digital marketing campaigns – from strategy, through visual creation, development, and implementation of tools for analysis and consulting, till digital marketing campaigns management:

  • good branding
  • E-mail marketing
  • social media campaigns
  • PPC (Adwords)
  • email automation for your products online – help to set up conditional email automation based on customer shopping patterns, recover cart email, follow up emails, promotions, giveaways, and more, before and after ordering.
  • set up opt-in forms with or without plugins and/or API’s
  • build landing pages with web forms to collect leads
  • track and analyze data – being able to optimize email campaigns by split testing – understanding email deliverability to any degree
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We suggest to use marketing automation tools for digital marketing campaigns:

We will help to choose the best tool for you.

They really simplify work with:

  • online marketing campaigns,
  • email marketing campaigns,
  • your website management,
  • generating leads,
  • optimizing the website,
  • testing your pages,
  • testing your content
  • sending newsletters
  • posting on social media
  • getting backlinks
  • any many others

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