penguin 2.0 changes

Google officially announced some changes in its web search – Penguin 2.0.

Yesterday Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Web Spam team, presented one video with the information about near future changes. He is also seen in the SEO community as the SEO spokesman for Google.

The changes coming in Penguin 2.0 update related to web security are:

  • Improved detection of hacked websites.
  • Improved communication with webmasters when your site is hacked via Google Webmaster Tools
  • A differentiation between sites that are hacked and sites that serve up malware.
  • Better tools to diagnose and clean the hacked website available via Google
  • Webmaster Tools will be providing more concrete details and “example URLs” that you can go to to diagnose your site

Other interesting changes related to SEO are:

  • Google will still give preference to high quality content that “users love, bookmark, come back to and visit over and over again”. It means that content strategy and a great content creation are key drivers for Google.!
  • They will penalize paid links and paid websites that attempt to boost the ranking of other websites by linking to those other websites. They will be removing any PageRank that those paid sites pass on to the sites they’re trying to promote.
  • They are making two algorithm changes that will significantly affect the ranking of sites in sectors that are particularly spammy.

These changes looks promising. I always believed that the great content and usability were a king or queen for your clients, customers or readers.

It is a good approach.

Let’s see.