There are a couple of steps to implement a marketing plan.

I suggest to focus on following:

  • Good to select only a few target markets
  • Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses
  • Make sure your marketing plans and budget is practical and measurable
  • Assign specific responsibilities and tasks to specific people

You will also find a pdf file with an one-pager of digital marketing plan template. I think it is very useful to choose a direction and keep everything concise and simple.

Welcome! Here you can download our easy marketing plan template in pdf.

I hope the below checklist will help you in building and implement your marketing plan.


Thank you.:) It is only a basic checklist for you.
Thank you.:) It is only a basic checklist for you.

#1. Do you have a mission statement ? Identify your mission as a company. A mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making for your business.

Who are your target markets?

#2. What industries do they represent? ? Explain what industries you know

#3. What size company do they represent? ? What size company do they represent? It is small, medium or maybe global corporations.

Why do they need your services?

What is going to make this company buy your services?

What is the channel of distribution for this market?

Who makes up the buying team?

Do you know your buyer?

Do you know the company your buyers represent? (B2B)

Do you understand their company’s business?

Do you know your buyers needs and requirements?

Do you know where they buy?

Do you know your buyer business processes? (B2B)

Do you know how to reach buyers with your marketing and sales messages?

What is the purchasing process for these customers?

What are the key decision factors that make them choose one vendor over another?

Is the decision around price, service, support or quality, etc.?

#4. Is price more important than product/service and why? ? Is price more important than product/service and why?

#5. Is product/service more important than price and why?

#6. Where do these segments go for information about your services?

What messages will generate the right response and what information will be most effective?


Do you know your strengths and your weaknesses SWOT

#7. What advantages do you have?

What do you do better than anyone else?

What do people in your market see as your strength?

#8. What could you do to improve?

#9. What should you avoid?

#10. What are other companies/people likely to see as your weakness?

#11. What are good opportunities for you?

#12. What could threaten your business?

Where is the industry going?

What are your objectives as it relates to this target market?

#13. Do you know key influencers and social networks that influence your buyers?

#14. Have you done your current content audit? (websites, whitepaper, offers, etc.)


#15. Define your marketing objectives

#16. Define your marketing strategy

#17. Define marketing tactics and goals

Prepare budget

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