Today I got a very useful checklist for any marketer that send newsletters and emails frequently.

As authors mentioned – We’re human. We all make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are more fixable than others and won’t negatively impact your brand. Other times, you’re not so lucky.

To avoid errors, every email—even pre-tested templates—should be tested before every send.

Here you will find 24 check points to do before pushing “send” button.

The Litmus Email Marketing Checklist

guides you through the steps of creating great emails, and gives you tips for avoiding common email mistakes.

It covers how to:

  1. Define your goals and audience
  2. Optimize your inbox view
  3. Craft your content
  4. Optimize your design
  5. Get your email delivered

Recently I got many questions about deliverability of emails.

Many clients claim that their newsletters are not delivered at all. This topic is really difficult.

Mailchimp or Getresponse are really reliable providers for sending your email.

You can use their testing tools or external party for example –

There are many factors that can remove your newsletter for your subscriber mailbox – for example:

  • anti-spamming options on their hosting provider
  • black listing
  • correctness of HTML
  • and many other factors

I read also another post from Mailchimp and  they suggested to test, test and test your email sending.

It can be many factors.

I also suggest to divide sending regular non-personalized emails in small batches 1000 pcs and start using the marketing automation tools that have built-in many nice features.

For example  – you can send your email to your subscriber at a most convenient time for him which is based on his history about opening, clicking your newsletters. It allows to send emails in most convenient time and not marked as a spam.

If you need help with it, just let me know.