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e-commerce sitemap

Today I read a quite good article about Sitemaps on http://blog.referralcandy.com/. According to the Google help files for sitemaps, you could list up to 50,000 files in an individual sitemap, which would cover almost every website, except very large portals. However it is a much more effective and easier to maintain configuration to use multiple […]

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e-commerce hotter

e-commerce is hotter than ever. Whether in mature markets, where consumer spending is shifting online because of convenient purchases, or in growth markets where rapid urbanization and increasing (mobile) internet penetration are unlocking new shopping habits, shoppers are ‘e-commercing’ it up. Some stats ( from trendwatching.com) in 2012 vs 2016-2017: US e-commerce sales will grow […]

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Google changes Penguin 2

Google officially announced some changes in its web search – Penguin 2.0. Yesterday Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Web Spam team, presented one video with the information about near future changes. He is also seen in the SEO community as the SEO spokesman for Google. The changes coming in Penguin 2.0 update related […]

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Social media and customer

Some nice videos that present social media and customer vs. producer relationship. Sometimes it is really simple –  Listen, Communicate, Share, Help others. To create your own social media strategy consider the below 6 steps: Educate yourself with social media:  social networking sites, blogs, wikis, community forums and RSS syndication. Business leaders are experimenting with […]