Client is a custom made crm multiplatform for legal services provided by independent lawyers. It enables to create a dedicated website that uses the same admin panel or create subpages for lawyers. It is a startup that offers many solutions for legal companies.

Websites:; and many others

Our Task


Our task was to create and add Google Analytics scripts to track activities on websites, cross-domain tracking, multidomain tracking, social media tracking and inside the admin panel.

Multiplatform web analytics

We added all needed web analytics scripts. The client had to change the platform internal tracking into similar to Magento or Prestashop multisite tracking.

Skills Involved


  • Google Analytics API
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • javascript crm multiplatform web analytics

We were asked to help in adding Google Analytics API and scripts on all linked websites. At the beginning it looked as a standard routine job. But this crm platform was custom made and not properly build for correct web users tracking.

After a few days we noticed many issues:

  1. internal users login and not possibility to remove their activity via IP because it was not fixed IP assigned to the platform
  2. The platform has possibility to create many websites with dedicated domains but after login all users were directed to one domain and the tracking was lost.

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