How we start with eCommerce conversion audit

First we examine and research the competitors websites. Then we choose the best heuristics relating to the technological requirements and information architecture. On this basis there is created a report of your online shopping analysis where good and bad elements of online shop are described and our proposals for change.

At the end of each part of the ecommerce audit or conversion audit we present found errors in the utility, technical errors, technical bugs, recommendations, suggesting some solutions. Each error has an appropriate number of stars suggesting the importance of the problem.

* – Recommended by default to improve – the standard solution

** – Highly recommended to improve

*** – Very important to improve the item / service functionality

  • search engine optimization
  • Google Analytics analysis

    It is an example of our short analysis

    expert analysis
  • Google analysis 2

    It is an example

  • Usability analysis

  • Summary of the whole analysis

    It is an extract of the summary

Our Conversion Consulting service includes:

  1. One-hour phone consultation
  2. Google Analytics implementation with e-commerce tracking
  3. Comprehensive conversion report
  4. Website usability and navigability analysis ( below)
  5. Analysis of calls-to-action on your key pages
  6. Credibility analysis
  7. Conversion funnel analysis
  8. Checkout process analysis – a full buying/selling path analysis
  9. Abandoned cart analysis

The eCommerce audit/analysis covers the following aspects in details:

  1. Its usability analysis/research with an emphasis on intuitive navigation and the ease of orientation on selected sub-pages (including accessibility)
    • First impression and the identity of the service. Whether the home page meets your role? What is the perceived usefulness, reliability and attractiveness of the shop for new users?
    • Hierarchy and service organization – is it understandable for customers? Don’t they get lost in the forest of categories?
    • Convenient navigation – whether the products can be reached easily? Is the chosen solution the best one?
    • Product search – form, search results, the correctness of the results.
    • Pages category – whether they contain a sufficient amount of information? Are they readable?
    • Product information pages – do they sell and inform in a satisfactory way?
    • The functionality of the cart and wishlist
    • The procedure of ordering – the content of web forms, an ease of registration and login process
    • The shop responding to unusual situations – error messages
    • Answers to questions: shipping costs, payment, privacy policy – if they are in the right place? Are they understandable for customers
    • The Support System for those interested in shopping and those who have already made a purchase.
    • The contact possibilities and support of the shop and its services.
  2. the online shop content analysis in order to adapt its content to the expectations of customers and the requirements of search engines
  3. web statistics analysis based on the customer behavior on the site research by Google Analytics or any other web statistics tool – how they enter the store, whether it is optimal, conversion funnel, abandoned cart analysis.

The report of eCommerce audit consists of ca. 25-30 pages of analysis of most important 25 web pages.

We provide you this report for your analysis and further discussion, our recommendations implementation.

We also analyze fresh, startup websites and one-page websites.

If you would like to see examples, please contact us. We will send you via email.

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The cost starts from $300 – $1000  (depends on number web pages to analyse).

For example:

  1. one-page analysis – $100 
  2. 5-10 pages  – $300 
  3. 20-30 pages  – $700 
  4. max 50 pages – $1000