(Last Updated On: June 4, 2019)

Business Model Canvas

We helped several startups to build their business models as a first step for building the strategy.

We create following business models in May – August 2016:

  1. fashion market – recently analysed Street wear market
  2. non-profit organization to help in fund raising
  3. ecommerce in luxury sweets market

We secure our clients vision and dreams to grow. We signed off NDA agreements.

We cannot present the final outcome – just general information.


Many clients

  1. Street wear startup
  2. non-profit organization
  3. ecommerce – luxury sweets

Our Task


Creating a profitable business model with guidance for strategy and marketing activities. We helped with competitor assessment and created the competitor analysis to choose the best profitable model that current exist.

Skills Involved


  • business strategy
  • marketing analysis
  • competitors assessment
  • financial analysis
  • Excel

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