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Frutiko is a very delicious company that sells unique sweets online via their online shop. Their offer is really luxurious, authentic and very demanded.

Simply they asked for setting Salesmanago marketing automation rules and their crm segmentation. They use also social media and mobile communication channels. They send their products to all UE countries and Russia. is a small business company that specializes in sweets, cookies and unique pralines production and online selling in Czech, Europe. They wanted to boost their online sales via using marketing automation tools.

They sent already newsletters and sms messages for subscribers via their online shop engine. They noticed that they need more tools and better customer segmentation to propose personalized offers.


We were asked to setup marketing automation rules, emails and sales funnels in their Salesmanago account.

  1. We started from their current databases analysis and consolidation of different subscribers and clients data.
  2.  I assigned some tags to start a basic segmentation.
  3. We corrected all sales data, opt-in, opt-out data, tags and other rules.
  4. Salesmanago team helped with some dynamic emails ( for abandoned carts) setting and linkage with online shop database.
  5. I added funnels
  6. I added all needed marketing automation rules – over 50: related to newsletters and crm segmentation. Salesmanago changed recently the interface and now it is really easy to setup rules.
  7. next we tested all emails and rules
  8. we sent first campaigns
  9. Frutiko team needs to add sms gateway only to start mobile marketing activities.
  10. the job is still in progress. Marketing automation tool proved already that conversion grew 2-3 times more than by using standard communication and PPC.


  • Salesmanago
  • crm
  • database analysis
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
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