Salesforce to Pipedrive CRM migration

We were asked by a construction company to help them with their migration from Salesforce to Pipedrive.

Their organization was changed and new partners appeared. They were using Pipedrive because it was very easy to use via any smartphone or tablet.

Our job was to migrate the process, contacts, accounts, and leads from Salesforce to Pipedrive CRM. Both CRMs have tools for the migration but not all data were automatically migrated and merged.

We helped with setting funnels, pipelines, reports and the integration with email, Mailchimp, and other 3rd party programs.  The major work was related to duplicates removal and adding proper scoring, contact owners and sales process stages. We started from their sales process analysis, what was setup in Salesforce, what they used there and the Salesforce to Pipedrive migration and configuration.

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The Construction Company in NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania

The Precision Concrete asked us to help them in their CRM migration to the Pipedrive CRM. Their company with over 25 years experience in 3 states was adding new sales representatives and partners.

They wanted to use one simple tool. They chose Pipedrive because Salesforce, previously used,  was too complicated for their operations.


  1. configuring Pipedrive
  2. migrating customer and sales data from Salesforce to Pipedrive
  3. migrating customer data from partners accounts
  4. data cleaning
  5. customer segmentation
  6. setting funnels and marketing automation workflows with tasks for representatives
  7. creating dashboards
  8. setting email templates
  1. CRM
  2. sales processes
  3. database analysis
  4. Pipedrive
  5. Salesforce
  6. Excel
  7. data analytics

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