Zoho Inventory integration with Magento

I was a Project Manager for Zoho Inventory setup and integration with the Magento shop – mrshrinkwrap.com.

This project was quite unique:

  1. Zoho Inventory was a new ERP with a basic configuration.
  2. The client wanted to setup, migrate from the Sage and integrate with Magento because he was using many other Zoho One apps. Some of them were also setup by Digideo.
  3. Zoho Inventory has a paid connector to Magento. First it looked simply, but overall, there were plenty of issues during the ERP integration.

Mr Shrinkwrap

is a leading distributor of shrink film and shrink wrap supplies & installation accessories. With over 25 years in the business, they can provide expert installation advice & offer quality shrink wrap supplies.

They saved many houses roofs. They specialize in boats preservation. Simply many commercial and individual usages.

Previously we helped with their online shop Magento, Zoho CRM optimization and custom changes.


First, we started from the basic analysis of Sage setup and next migrate everything to Zoho Inventory.

The second part was to integrate with the Magento shop.

We found a connector – Kloud Connectors | Connecting Business Processes in Cloud 

The client had many custom fields which had to be integrated and synced in both ways with Zoho Inventory:

  1. specific product attributes, custom options, bundles, etc.
  2. customer data – specific attributes
  3. order statuses
  4. shipping data ( synced with ShipStation)
  5. specific inventory and stock data from Magento to Zoho Inventory
  6. the payment information
  7. invoices – synced with Zoho Books
  8. sales representatives and B2B data sent to Zoho Inventory and Books

We helped with detailed specification what needs to be synced and how often, fields mapping in both systems, and overall Statement of Work.

The project took 9 months.


  • Magento
  • ERP system
  • databases
  • analysis
  • project management