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24 hours in 7 days

You have a full day cycle support. All critical errors will be fixed in the agreed SLA ( Service Level Agreement).

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We have 5+ experience in Magento Community, Enterprise, Prestashop, Zoho CRM, Agilecrm, WordPress, and other applications in our offer

We have a technical support engineers’ team located in USA and Poland.

Our experts are available any time for your questions and issues.

It doesn’t matter where your company is located.

2 hours for an answer

If your customers cannot put orders, it doesn’t matter what the weekday is, we will fix it.


Once you choose a long-term cooperation, we offer your hosting server monitoring and proactive response to any issues.

Fast response

You have a problem or an idea for improvement or change. We work fast – it can be done in 7 hours – 2 working days.

Additional consultation

If you choose us, you will receive a monthly report with additional recommendations for changes, improvements in conversion or usability.

Clear and simple pricing

Support on demand

$ 0 per month

You will get access to our helpdesk application where you can explain your problems or needs. We estimate the cost, time and delivery date. You pay only for hours spent on your project.

Our hourly fee is $70. Typical time frame for the issues fixing is 1-3 business days.

Helpdesk 10-20 hours package

$650 – $1300

We offer fast help in the same or next day.

There are packets of 10 or 20+1 hours for 30/60 days.

You will see all activities in our helpdesk application.

We deliver also a monthly report with details.

10 hours package for 30 days$650

20+1 hours package for 60 days$1,300

Monthly support max 60 h

from $2500 / month

This is an offer for huge shops that require a stable, frequent monitoring and support.

We start fixing issues in 1 – 7 hours per agreement.

The detailed report and activities are available in our helpdesk application.

The contract for minimum 6 months.

Monthly support (40 hours) – $2,500

Detailed activities

QA & Development Environments
Setup git workflow & management
Basic Website Updates
Access to our team of Magento experts for text changes, bug fixes, 3rd party, extension installations, graphical changes, and consultancy
Dedicated Project & Account Management
A dedicated point of contact available to discuss your account and plan new development

Packages 20h and more

Advanced Training
Hands-on training from a Magento certified expert
Phone Support
Phone support from our experienced support team
Basic Uptime Monitoring
Uptime monitoring complete with automatic support for when your site becomes unavailable
Automatic Magento Upgrades
Automatic upgrades as they are released ensuring your site is always running the latest version
Magento Security Patches
Automatic security patching ensuring you are always protected against the latest vulnerabilities

The full package of 60h per month

Advanced Website Changes
Advanced customizations to your Magento website inc. 3rd party integrations and custom module development.

Advanced Support
Emergency support, 360° support for your eCommerce business including market trend analysis and A/B testing

Proactive Website Monitoring
Advanced proactive monitoring of key functional aspects of your site including add to cart/customer checkout simulation and server load monitoring.

Magento SEO Audit / PPC
Monthly SEO site audits to ensure your site is ranking well and any issues are rectified, monthly PPC management

Magento Code and Performance Audits
Annual Magento Code and performance audits completed by a Magento certified developer – ensure your site remains to upgrade friendly and adheres to best practices

Fast response times when you need it

We offer a rapid response to site issues based on the severity of the issue raised. We understand the critical nature of eCommerce and our focus is to fix issues accordingly.

  • Severity
  • Priority 1
  • Priority 2
  • Priority 3
  • Description
  • Site unavailable / unable to checkout
  • An issue that is affecting 10% of customers or more
  • Any superficial or aesthetic issue that is not affecting transactions
  • Estimated fix time
  • Within 2 hours
  • 1-2 days
  • 2-10 days

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