Google Adwords setup

We help in Google Adwords campaign setup in USA.

Service Description

  • Account setup (if you do not have an account)
  • Campaign creation (up to 5) based on your product, location, and language
  • Creation of tightly-themed ad groups (up to 10)
  • Creation of Ad copies to attract high CTR and conversion rate (up to 2 Ads per Adgroup, or 20 in total)
  • Highly-targeted keyword research (up to 200)
  • A/B Split testing (up to 2 Ads)
  • Landing page recommendations to improve the conversions and overall ROI
  • Google analytics sync/linking
  • Set up conversion tracking
  • Ad extensions set up: e.g. call extension, so that your potential customers can easily click on your phone number and call you straight away.

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Google Adwords audit

Why buy from Digideo – Free Adwords Credit – Poland and USA

After carefully analyzing your AdWords account and web site, you will be provided with a detailed report that includes the following:

  • Campaigns/adgroups structure
  • Keywords selection, match types, negative keywords
  • Ads/split-testing/ad copy
  • Landing pages
  • Quality scores
  • Campaign settings
  • Location targeting
  • Conversion tracking/E-commerce Tracking/Goals
  • How to improve the conversion rate?
  • How to minimise the bounce rate?
  • How to minimise your CPC?
  • How to improve CTR?

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