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eCommerce Consulting

Strategy & Technology

  • choose the best profitable IT technology that fulfills your business needs in eCommerce
    • Negotiate contracts to get better deals on inventory, shipping, and software
    • Audit business processes to remove waste
    • Introduce tools to automate or delegate tasks
    • Create a growth roadmap
  • help with the Web design
  • manage products for your online business
  • create a technical specification for your future system – Magento and other 3rd party apps
  • prepare a marketing strategy and plan for eCommerce
  • implement AI for routine tasks like on page SEO, product descriptions, meta tags, product recommendation tools
  • help with your project management
  • improve your Logistics and operations – optimization
  • implement the Multichannel selling
  • familiarize with new technologies and possibilities for your business
  • monitor legal restrictions and compliance
  • provide a technical support
  • business models’ design in eCommerce
  • business model canvas
  • outsourcing model of your operational activities
  • business models ecommerce consulting for your organization when you enter an eCommerce world
  • B2B eCommerce Consulting
  • business models optimization for eCommerce and CRM tools 
ecommerce consulting - business model canvas

Drip Marketing Consulting

  • Create and manage a multi-channel brand and communication strategy  utilizing online and direct marketing techniques
  • Conceptualize unique marketing programs to increase brand awareness and increase customer acquisition
  • Marketing Automation

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