CRM System

for your business

CRM system for SME has a bad reputation for being overly technical, difficult to implement, and unfriendly to use.


Because the development time of any custom made CRM is really long and initial requirements can change drastically during the development and integration of any business processes.

For small to medium-size business owners who lack the funds or resources to customize the CRM properly to meet their company’s needs, it is extremely important to have the easy, intuitive and stable tool.

I also use two CRMs and try to choose the best one for my own needs.

There are several solutions that can be utilized for my companies.

My basic requirements for CRM:

  1. online tools – available from any location with the web access
  2. possible integration with Basecamp, Asana, Podio, Slack, MS Office, WordPress, etc.
  3.  possible integration with my accounting/financial software
  4.  integration with outlook/Gmail
  5. an integration with Getresponse/Mailchimp
  6. Google Analytics, Adwords, etc.
  7. easy to implement workflows for users with different access rights

After analyzing many tools my CRM list is shorter now. We know all of them and help with configuration.

zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

(Free for up to three users for startups!!!!; $12-per-user-per-month Professional and $25-per-user-per-month Enterprise packages also available)

The closest to Salesforce in power and scope, Zoho CRM offers a solid platform for managing customer support, opportunities, inventory, leads, and marketing efforts, including email campaigns that you can launch from within the service itself. Zoho CRM has a bundle of features, including word processing, database functions, collaboration, and project management. In addition to what comes as part of the program, you can purchase third-party applications to meet nearly any company need.

zoho crm zoho crm

You can purchase the Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Office Outlook; for $3 per year per user, it allows you to synchronize contacts, calendars, and tasks between the two programs. You can also find plug-ins for syncing Zoho CRM files with QuickBooks but not with my financial system.

agilecrm marketing automation for small business

Agile CRM

is a very simple to use CRM and marketing automation tool. It has plenty of very good features. Free for 10 users but you will see soon that it only premium version is worth to buy.

50,000 Contacts & Companies
Custom Data Fields
Lead Scoring
Unlimited Deals, Tasks & Documents
Appointment Scheduling
Custom Deal Milestones
Email Tracking
2-Way Email Integration
Custom Deal Tracks
2-Way Telephony

The Starter version is for 8.99$ per month has everything  what “Free of charge” version has  and a plus:

Email Campaigns
Web Engagement
Contact Level Analytics
Form Builder
Email Templates Builder
Landing Page Builder
5,000 Emails (Branded)
Marketing Automation
Social Monitoring
Mobile Marketing

Some add-ins are paid in all versions. But it is a very easy to use CRM.

I love it for its many easy-to-built automation rules and many integrations with 3rd party software. The last year 2017 it received plenty of prizes on the market.

pipedrive crm


is not a typical crm. It is a tool for managing your sales pipeline or funnel in a very simple way – only $12 per user/month.

You can see ongoing deals arranged by their likely close date next to deals you’ve already closed. This way you can correct course before it’s too late: work on deals that are likely to close or find new deals to work on.

You may want to see your won deals arranged by ‘delivery’ or ‘implementation’ date. Feel free, Pipedrive enables you to fully customize the Timeline View.

It has many integrations – with Google, Zapier and another 3rd party.

I like most the Google Maps integration that shows you the localization of your contacts in a very easy way. You can plan even your route.

pipedrive crm

I can see only Pros here. I will check frequently their offer. Because it looks that it would be a very nice tool for salespeople.

salesmanago crm system

Salesmanago CRM

free of charge! We started using it for our clients. It is really easy to manage.

Basic CRM functionalities

Contacts list in CRM

  • Lead routing – automated transfer of contacts along the sales funnel and to a designated members of your sales team
  • Contact segmentation – automated division of contacts into segments characterized by identical or similar interests and behaviours, based on transactional and behavioural data
  • Managing contact flow in marketing campaigns – create targeted campaigns and automatically adjust your marketing message to the current stage of the prospect’s involvement
  • Managing contact flow in sales funnels – set up an unlimited number of sales funnels
  • Managing client life cycle – you can dynamically adjust your marketing activities over time to keep up with the changing needs of your clients
  • Grouping and tagging contacts, integration with calendar, creating tasks and notes
  • Creating company cards and grouping contacts from one company
  • Import and export of contacts, including contact details
  • Import and export of data via API – automated synchronization with external systems


Hubspot CRM 

free of charge – a very powerful CRM with marketing automation software is a great business supporting system for small, medium and global companies. It is a global leader.

Automatically log every interaction.

Integrate HubSpot CRM with your email and browser to automatically track every interaction with your prospects and deals. Emailing a new contact? No problem, let us create that contact for you and enrich them with information about their company.

Enrich your database the easy way.

Why spend hours manually searching for and entering information about your prospects? HubSpot CRM crawls the internet for you and keeps track of over 13M companies (and growing). Just enter a contact, and we’ll fill your CRM with information about their company.

And many other features.

Would like out help in choosing the best solution for you?

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