You need to provide 3D Secure payment authorization to European customers from September 14, 2019

European banks will decline transactions that don’t follow the new authentication.

How does 3D Secure work


In following cases you don’t need authentication

A transaction is under €30
Banks won’t need authentication for such transactions. But they will count the cumulative value of payments for each user. As soon as a user’s cumulative value of transactions reaches €150, banks will require authentication.

Recurring transactions
Banks won’t need authentication if a single payment is lower than EUR €50 and if the cumulative value of recurring transactions is lower than EUR €300 per month.

What you need to check

Check if all the paying methods that you use in Europe provide the 3D Secure.

The majority known systems have already become compatible with the new rules.
PayPal — compatible.
Braintree — compatible (use the official extension) — compatible (update it to the version 2.3.3+ or 2.2.10+)
CyberSource — compatible
eWay — compatible (use the official extension)
Stripe — compatible (use Amasty Stripe Payment for M2 extension)

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