Magento is one of the most popular online shopping platforms trusted by most of the leading brands around the world. It is widely used by small businesses and start-ups as well.

With the latest Magento 2 Upgrade, there have been a lot of improvements in terms of compliance, scalability, and performance while keeping in mind the best online experience for the user.

We at Digideo, provide world-class Magento 2 Upgrade Service or Magento 2 Migration.

The All-New Magento 2 Upgraded Version

Have you ever wondered how to enrich your business customers and prospects? With so many competitors, staying right at the top is not just crucial, but a hefty task too. If not well-acquainted with the steps, you hardly get any chance to shine.

Thanks to Magento 2, staying at the top is more like a cakewalk. With its renewed focus and suite of some complimentary products, like ePOS or OMS (Order Management System), Magento 2.x is currently getting more and more pieces from the eCommerce market share. Of course, its competitors are also very active.

  1. the identical Magento 2 migration
    • The design must match with your existing Magento 1.x version.
    • For the primary step, you need to set up Magento 2 version with topology.
    • For offering redundancy during unexpected issues, it is vital to replicate Magento 1.x database and start using the same for the migration procedure.
    • When you are done with the basic steps, you have to migrate to a new theme, extension, customization, and data, for complete functionality.
  2. new theme ( bought) with the migration of data and services
    • you choose the new theme prepared for chosen Magento version
    • next, we do all steps from the primary step
  3. new custom designed theme (UI, UX) with Magento data migration and services
    • we work on your UI/UX requirements and collect them
    • next we work on the designs and migration plan
    • finally, we can start with point 1 – the identical migration
Once the decision to re-platform your existing business has been taken, we will guide you through the entire process:
  1. Develop a strategy: First, we will help you set and prioritize your goals, develop a project roadmap, and define your budget and timetable. We use an agile scrum project management for bigger shops because it is always something unexpected to move that somebody forget about.
  2. Get everyone on board: we will help you create a strong, responsive cross-departmental team for project reviews and decision-making purposes. Throughout the project, we will also help you to manage expectations by clearly communicating goals and success metrics to all parties involved.
  3. Select the technology: While there likely is no single platform that does it all, we will help you to select the one that best fits your business needs.
  4. Create a proof of concept: We will make sure you are on the right track by putting your functional and technical assumptions to the test with your target audience before development starts. We will ask you to fulfill our questionnaire with hundreds of questions.
  5. Plan the launch date carefully: Since re-platforming will most likely cause KPIs to drop temporarily, it is important to consider the best possible launch date. We will help you pick the right season and moment in your sales cycle.
  6. Test, analyze, and improve: Once the new platform is in place, we will help you test and analyze overall performance, front, and back-end functionality and third-party solution integration to ensure everything works according to plan. We will also support regular A/B and multivariate tests to further optimize the performance of your business. As well as we propose our technical support for your shop maintenance.

Before you even plan to invest time for Magento 2, it’s time to be acquainted with some exciting features first. Let’s get started:

  • There are practically two major changes in Magento 2.0 layout. It is placed directly under app structure, and each module has separate VIEW directory.
  • It introduces a completely new concept of container wrapper, acting as a structural block. Organizing these blocks has become more intuitive with its visual design editor.
  • CSS preprocessing is another added feature. It does not use Bootstrap but has its own CSS and LESS in theme core.
  • a completely new UI library, which employs a set of mixins, for easing frontend theme customization and development.

Thanks to our dedicated team of professionals in Digideo, we create a better experience for retaining and attaining customers for new store owners.

Starting from theme development to extension development, and even Magento template customization, options are limitless with us. We further help in troubleshooting and proficient bug fixing, to let your service acts perfectly. Just give us a call, and our dedicated team is all ready to help you.

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