E-commerce Optimization

can increase sales dramatically – usually about 30%-300% more customers and sales in 3-6 months. It is our experience.

The issues in eCommerce optimization could be:

  • Price
  • Site issues
  • Design
  • Product choice
  • The weather!

Seriously, some shops are now using weather personalization to increase their conversion. Just imagine going to a shop that knows it’s raining where you are and shows you an umbrella!

The key task of the e-commerce optimization is to improve:

  1. the content of online shop – product catalog, product’s description,
  2. navigation,
  3. facilitation to users,
  4. the offer presentation that is attractive to customers.

Our work starts with the analysis of your online store, its statistics, appearance, content, and competitors.

The main problem of online stores is a limited amount of text in the description of products and the first page of the store that is not changed regularly.

We can also help with integration with any fully automated product recommendations tool that will help you increase your sales by over 20%.

eCommerce business needs to be treated like any other business – you need to watch, to develop, monitor, and promote it.

The key to working with an expert who gets results is to set targets and track their performance. You can do this in a spreadsheet. Just measure how many orders per month and your traffic. Then divide the two to get your conversion rate.

Once you know your current conversion rate, you’ll be able to monitor changes. It’s important to know that there is a lot of testing involved in conversion rate optimization. Sometimes the best practices won’t apply. You might have a very specific niche that is different from the mainstream.

We will provide a list of tests they want to act. They will then monitor the change. Cumulatively these tests can have a huge impact.

There are some changes that can only have a positive impact. For instance site speed is universally recognized as a conversion booster. There are also other changes that will need to be tested.

Our process of your online shopping optimization:

  1. We start with our contract signing.
  2. Next, we share the project schedule.
  3. Execution time – 2 weeks.
  4. Cost starts from $ 500

Our services in e-commerce optimization

  1. usability analysis of your online store – whether it is user-friendly and intuitive navigation is whether it has the basic elements of a store or shopping cart, “save for later” working correctly, etc..
  2. analysis of the online shopping platform– its statistics and sales (not entering into business strategies, pricing e-shop):
    • what categories of products are most visited and purchased
    • e-shop or business purpose is reflected in sales results
    • what should be done to improve sales performance,
    • how to reach customers who shop would operate,
    • how product catalog should be built/modified because of seasonal products
    • who should we cooperate with – price search engines, portals, suppliers, manufacturers, etc..
  3. changes in the “natural search” by adjusting to search engines needs and algorithms using keywords, meta tags, alt tags, resulting in the site achieves high ranking in search results, which reaches more customers
  4. conversion rate optimization – more here
  5. the implementation of our recommendations and monitoring
  6. adding an intelligent product recommendation tool that rises sales 30-300%