Migration to AWS

After 2 years we upgraded the Magento shop to 2.3.x version and migrated to the AWS hosting due to the higher hosting requirements not met in the current provider servers.

AWS cloud simply allows to calibrate the instances and databases for our needs.

We use many security tools to diminish the hacking attempts impacts which are really common nowadays.

We use optimization tools available on AWS, like load balancers, caching services, etc.

Overall the shop loading time is lower 3 times than on Nexcess servers. It is worth to invest in AWS.

If you are looking for a similar migration or upgrade, please contact us

Conway Shields 

is a small business company who sells products for firemen, security guards and other organization. They produce famous firemen shields.

It is mainly B2B business.

We helped with their online shop upgrade to Magento 2, migrating to AWS and technical support.


  1. the AWS setup – users, security groups, Elastic Search, Open Search, Elastic cache, SSL, Loadbalancer, etc.
  2. migration to AWS – Magento 2, databases, users
  3. Cloudflare changes

We spent 2 weeks on it.


  • PHP
  • Magento
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • Javascript
  • extensions
  • API Soap/Rest