PIXEL is a company settled in 2008. They operate in house appliances and RTV successfully for over 6 years. You can find their offer at allegro.pl, ceneo.pl, nokaut.pl and many other places.

Website: http://www.rtvpixelagd.pl

Migration and new applications

Out task was to migrate the old store and create a totally new one based on Magento CE, together with a custom made application for managing wholesalers stocks and icecat.biz integration.

During the project we had to adjust some scope related to an external product database.  Initially it was an Allegro database. We had to integrate it with icetat.biz and it was a huge change in project that delayed our publishing date of overall solution.

Finally after 4 months we delivered:

    1. online store with over 25 thousands products; integration to DHL, paczkomaty, allegro.pl, nokaut.pl, cenep.pl and many others
    1. a new custom built application that integrated wholesalers data and chose the best price after some calculations
    1. a new custom built application that integrated the online store with a huge icecat.biz database that enabled an import of product data information and photos


    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • Magento
    • XML
    • CSV
    • Photoshop
    • Indesign
    • HTML
    • CSS


Pixel have been operating since 2008. They decided to move to a new platform in 2014 due to their old and full of limitations solution.

After their shop analysis and future plans we suggested to migrate to Magento CE platform with a new responsive theme, full of great e-commerce tools.

We prepared the workflow, processes and interactions with other external partners like wholesalers, product databases or delivery operators.

Pixel Magento shop was launched in July 2014.