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Consumer reviews authenticity is really important factor to build your business and consumers’ trust.
The below infografic from Baazarvoice presents very interesting data.
Simply it is better not to hide controversial or negative opinions than delete or hide them.
It is a business and sometimes it is so difficult to be prefect.
There are also some local legal regulations that don’t allow hiding such opinions or reviews like in European Union.
The US market is different. You can do what you want but the below data present that in long term it is not good for your business.

Consumer reviews authenticity

Consumers are more and more educated, knowledgeable. They use forums, portals, specific social media networks for sharing opinions. They also look for the trustworthy sources before they buy anything – like Amazon reviews, Angie list and others.

Consumers even want to see some trusted marks on websites or online shops like Trustedshops, BBB.org, Rzetelna firma (Polish) or others.

Some nice videos that present social media and customer vs. producer relationship.
Sometimes it is really simple –  Listen, Communicate, Share, Help others.

To create your own social media strategy consider the below 6 steps:

  1. Educate yourself with social media:  social networking sites, blogs, wikis, community forums and RSS syndication. Business leaders are experimenting with new methods to communicate in a bi-directional exchange, and to engage the customer to share knowledge.
  2. Determine whether your target market is getting social. Many types of products and services, online reviews become the most sought after and trusted source for accelerating buyer education and short-listing product finalists.
  3. Find out how to align your strategic objectives with social media tools and technologies. For example if your objectives include increasing the marketing budget ROI, generating more qualified leads, growing customer share or decreasing customer churn, you should be able to find a direct and measurable link between social media tools and achieving your objectives.
  4. Leverage case studies and the successes of others to replicate your own social media accomplishments.
  5. Start a blog. Social customers want open and transparent access to the executive ranks of their solution providers. Blog is a simple and effective communication channel to engage your target market and make the social relationship with customers.
  6. Start using crm software and linkage to social media portals like twitter clients below:
  1. TweetDeck, www.tweetdeck.com
  2. Tweetie, www.atebits.com
  3. HootSuite, www.hootsuite.com
  4. Twhirl, www.twhirl.org
  5. Twitterfon, www.twitterfon.net
  6. Seesmic, www.seesmic.com
  7. Ping.fm, www.ping.fm
  8. UberTwitter, www.ubertwitter.com
  9. Twitterrific, www.twitterrific.com
  10. TwitterFox, www.twitterfox.net
  11. twAitter, www.twaitter.com

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