Why my 5 customers switched to Zoho Mail

Why my 5 customers switched to Zoho Mail – the answer is simple.

Zoho Email is a good, secure, and reliable tool for email sending. It is a part of the Zoho One apps suite.

Zoho Mail’s data centers have top-notch security and surveillance, with a reliable 99.9% uptime. Benefit from secure email hosting that supports encryption both at rest and end-to-end, along with S/MIME message encryption

Control Panel

Zoho Mail’s powerful Control Panel is the admin’s go-to place for all settings, configuration, and customization. Add users, manage group aliases, set up policies to moderate business email content, and more like:

  1. advanced filtering
  2. adding different calendars
  3. SPAM filters
  4. a special admin panel for Mail administrators where you can set up your policies and accesses to email accounts
  5. possibility to add a few POP3 or IMAP accounts.
zoho Mail - a part of Zoho One

Easy Migration from other providers

Each business runs differently, and when it comes to email, every business has its own methods and needs. Depending on the service, the type of email platform, and the mode of migration, Zoho Mail offers multiple methods—just pick the one that best suits your needs – Imap, Popup from a hosting service, Office 365, or Gmail.

CRM in your Zoho Mail inbox

It has also a very good integration with Zoho CRM. You can decide if the new email contact is a lead or contact.

You can assign a task, meeting, or call directly from your email.

Zoho Email - Zoho CRM integration2

Zoho Mail Privacy compliance

When it comes to compliance, the industry standards and email retention laws pushed Zoho Email to create a robust eDiscovery portal. It protects business data from potential lawsuits, evidence tampering, and intellectual property theft. Just like Zoho assures your mailbox is secure, we keep retained emails under tight security and unmatched privacy.

TransMail a new Mandrill or Sendgrid from Zoho

This is why Zoho Mail is launching TransMail, its very own transactional email sending service. Transactional emails are unique, automated emails like order confirmations, OTP emails, and so on that are triggered by your users, often time-sensitive, and contain crucial information.

Zoho Email has built-in Industry-standard authentication mechanisms ensure your messages make it to their inbox

Zoho Meeting integration

You can create a meeting integration directly from Zoho Mail. It can be added inside the calendar or via the Zoho Meeting widget.

Zoho Email - Zoho CRM integration