eCommerce News February 2017 by Digideo

eCommerce News will be the monthly realease of most important information in global eCommerce world. Simply it is useful for me to have everything in one place.

More than half of US e-commerce growth in 2016 came from a single company: Amazon.

According to market research firm Slice Intelligence, Amazon presented 53% of online sales growth in the US last year, leaving all of its competitors to fight for the remaining 47% of the pie. That means for every new dollar American consumers spent online, Amazon took 53 cents of it.

PayPal Cross Border Consumer Research 2016 

This report presents the results of global research of cross-border eCommerce. The most advanced markets are Ireland, Peru, Portugal. Japan and Poland are at the end of the lust. Cross-border ecommerce in Poland will grew 27% this year per another report.

Magento Commerce raises $250 million from Chinese investment firm. Magento Commerce has announced an equity investment of $250 million from Hillhouse, a Chinese investment firm. With the additional capital, Magento’s valuation is approximately $700 million, according to the Financial Times. It is one of the most important ecommerce news in February 2017. It means that Magento will grow dynamically.

Pingup delivers real-time appointment booking to millions of consumers.

Pingup, a local-services transaction platform, has announced an integration with Bing, expanding Pingup’s reach to nearly 40 percent of search activity in the U.S. As a result, consumers will be able to easily search on Bing for local businesses and take action immediately to book appointments, schedule services, and place online orders.

Whirlpool and Amazon team up to deliver next generation voice-controlled appliances.

Whirlpool Corporation announced a new collaboration with Amazon on a suite of voice-controlled home appliances. In early 2017, new smart appliances launching across the Whirlpool’s portfolio of brands will feature voice control capabilities through Alexa-enabled devices. “Now any customer with a far-field Alexa-enabled device can control most smart appliances made by Whirlpool Corporation, simply using their voice,” said Rob Pulciani, director, Amazon Alexa.

TripAdvisor expands subscription business into restaurants. TripAdvisor has announced additions to its subscription products, enabling accommodations and restaurants to attract, engage, and influence customers. These new products allow subscribers to access tools to help them capitalize on all the ways TripAdvisor drives value for their business. Features of the premium products include favorite reviews and photos, exclusive data and insights, enhanced analytics suite, live customer support, storyboard, and more.