CRM System

for your business

CRM system is a core solution for Small Businesses nowadays. In the past it was really difficult to find or build a proper solution for micro or small companies. Now SAAS based CRMs have opened doors for small and medium sized companies which bring much more innovation and competitiveness to the companies and societies.

My basic requirements for CRM are following:

  1. online tools – available from any location with the web access
  2. possible integration with a project management software or built in software
  3. possible integration with my accounting/financial software
  4. an integration with Outlook/Gmail
  5. an integration with Getresponse/Mailchimp
  6. Google Analytics, Adwords, etc.
  7. easy to implement workflows for users with different access rights
  8. online payments for my invoices
  9. people management
  10. great analytics – reports, dashboards

CRMs in our offer:

Zoho One

35 EUR per employee/month or 30 EUR per employee( paid the yearly fee)

Simplify how your entire business runs with Zoho One. One integrated application suite for one price billed on one invoice. This high-impact approach to software—packing an incredible amount of technology into an impossible price—isn’t new to Zoho.

Zoho One includes a powerful toolkit to customize, extend, and integrate our software to fit your organization. It consists of 40+ apps, including Zoho CRM, Campaigns, Desk, Project, Invoice, Books, Inventory, Meeting,

The closest to Salesforce in power and scope, Zoho CRM offers a solid platform for managing customer support, opportunities, inventory, leads, and marketing efforts, including email campaigns that you can launch from within the service itself. Zoho CRM has a bundle of features, including word processing, database functions, collaboration, and project management. In addition to what comes as part of the program, you can purchase third-party applications to meet nearly any company need.

There are three CRMs in the Zoho portfolio:

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho CRM plus – it is a set of 10 apps popular among small businesses ( they are a part of Zoho One, too)
  • Bigin – a simple CRM with basic features like Pipedrive

You can enable many extensions: Zoho apps, Google, Microsoft, and 3rd parties apps from Zoho Marketplace. Most of them are free of charge.  For example, Microsoft Office Outlook allows you to synchronize contacts, calendars, and tasks between the two programs.

You can find all details of Zoho One and all other Zoho apps on the Zoho website – here

Single Sign-On YES
Active Directory Sync YES
Password Sync YES
Centralized User Management YES
Centralized Application Management YES
Custom Apps YES
Mobile Apps YES
Marketplace AppsNew YES
Domain Verification YES
Conditional App ProvisioningNew YES
Custom FieldsNew YES
Usage Stats/ReportsNew YES
PhoneBridgeNew YES
Security Policies
Multi-Factor Authentication
– Biometric FactorsTouch ID/Face ID
– Time-based OTP YES
– Scan QR YES
– Push notifications Yes
IP Restrictions YES
Password Policy YES
Yubikey New YES
Group Level Security Policies Customizable
Centralized Group Management YES
24*5 Support YES