Online shop advertising – how to get started?

There is another question after the store installation, organize products and include them on the application store. Now you need to get customers.

Small businesses do not usually have too many funds for promotion and advertising.  Advertising on the Internet is less expensive and is usually perceived as less annoying than other media and much easier to ignore (one click, you can completely disable it).

This is definitely a different situation than in the case such as television advertising, perceived as more annoying.

About 50% of Internet surfers negatively watch only part of the ad claiming that some of them like it.

Effective Internet marketing is essentially no different from traditional marketing activities where the focus is mainly on the best knowledge of the target group.

Customers using the web are very demanding and prone to change. Having it in your mind you should create marketing materials, your online shop advertising that refer to a single generation, gender, or interest groups:

Remember that women make over 80% of purchases.

Advertising messages are to operate mainly on female consumers, respond to their needs, and tempt you to release virtual cash. The truth is that women are looking for the perfect solution, other than men. The Conclusion: your shop’s online advertising should be addressed to women. 🙂

The average age of Internet users is about 35 years, but the ever-growing group of users is the elderly.

Here you have to remember about the availability of such advertising and offers for the elderly (ie accessibility)

Teens are the largest and most demanding group of Internet users.

If you target your marketing to this group, you need to integrate traditional marketing tactics with unusual solutions that attract discerning customers: cartoons, games, viral marketing, pulling contests, great video, etc. Then the teenager asks the parents for the purchase and at the end mom ultimately decides whether or not to buy a new article of clothing, a toy, or a game for your child. It turns out that teenagers are very influential to their parents.

Ladies spend twice as much time on e-commerce services than men.

It is very interesting that women nonetheless prefer to purchase the traditional form, where you can try on the goods, just watch, take advantage of the salesperson or the woman accompanying people (mostly other women).

Women are more wary and critical of e-commerce, electronic payments, but often do virtual “window shopping” – visiting e-shops without buying.

They are certainly more demanding customers than men. Your shop landing page should be catchy and easy to buy.

The reliability of the seller is particularly important and how it fulfills the promises (especially as regards deadlines).

They read reviews of the store or company, hence the popularity of or other services, or social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. It is another form of online shop advertising that builds your long-term relationship with current consumers and decreases the cost of new consumer acquisition.

 TIP 7
Boys are buying a convenience, ladies – saving money via web purchases

So promotions, sales on online shop advertising announcements always attract attention.

Women usually find a particular store by the Web browser, while the men get there from comparing prices service providers.

So – SEM search engine marketing (SEO, AdWords) has a huge sense here.
IAB data on online advertising spending in Europe confirmed it:

2011 – SEM – 46.5% of the expenditure (continuous growth year-on-year),

display (banner) – the rest and decreased participation from year to year.


  1. remember women as major customers and your main target group
  2. Search Engine Marketing SEM and price comparing services – your major online advertising tools
  3. collecting opinions yourself or by using professional companies – builds your long-term relationship with consumers and decreases the cost of new consumer acquisition.
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