Future doesn’t exist – it is our performance. This is where the design process should start from.

I recently found a very interesting video about the process of design by Salvatore Iaconesi at TEDxRoncade . You will find it below.

The major outcome of this video for me is that we create our today and future.

Salvatore presented the process of designing that begins from:

  1. analyzing people habits, your potential buyers’ habits, and routines and of course your needs
  2. next, the designer move to analyzing the internal environment – what products we have, what content
  3. after that, we need to know what external environment has, what others present, how
  4. the final step – merging all outcomes from analysis and building something new.

Actually, it is a very common process of any design – business strategy, process, product, service.

future doesn't exist - the design process

Of course, Google is one of the masters in this area.

They have access to many global data, web statistics, what people do, search and wish to do. They can aggregate it and use it.

There are many methodologies related to the design process.

Many of them use the agile methodology with many iterations of testing and feasibility studies.

future doesn't exist - process design

Please find below the very interesting video about this future design and a nice example of Chevron’s competitor.