Mobile usage exceeded desktop usage since Nov. 1, 2016.

This trend was observed 2 years ago by Google that introduced many tools for mobile websites.

Currently, even they promote websites that have mobile versions, simple user-friendly.

Since April 2016 it is must to have.

The reason behind it is simple. If you need to reach and keep your customers your website, portal or online shop have to be user-friendly.

Look at a huge difference between the continents


is leading in this comparison – more people are using mobile devices ca. 65% than desktop or tablet.

Asia global web statistics

North America

The trend is obvious – desktop usage is going down and mobile usage is growing. Tablets usage is stable.


South America

The trend is similar to North America but slower. It looks that this year mobile usage and desktop usage will cross each other here.

South America -StatCounter-comparison-sa-monthly-201512-201612


European trend is a little bit different – slowly people move from desktop to mobile searching. It will take maybe 2-3 years to get global results.Europe StatCounter-comparison-eu-monthly-201512-201612

What is the impact on your online business

  • your web persona

    You need to know your web persona:

    1. who is using your website, where he/she lives and how your service is used
    2. frequently monitor your web statistics
    3. constantly work on your user interface – technically and improve your content
    4. personalize your content and look&feel like Amazon does
    5. prepare your promotions for different devices and locations
  • Content is a king

    Your content = OFFER are the most important factors.

    The old way of doing business is reaching the new digital way.

    1. You cannot sell bullshit anymore online: fake promotions, too high prices for the same product available in other places (like Macy’s)
    2. You need to respect somebody else property – photos, access rights, privacy policy, personal data-  it is a time for unhiding the company address, create the privacy policy, warranty, etc.
    3. You need to be true.
    4. Your offer presentation has to be prepared for different devices
    5. SEO is totally integrated into the marketing now. You need to learn and constantly learn new ways of SEO.
  • Intuitive Marketing

    There are at least six mechanisms of influence that intuitive marketing can leverage:

    1. trust – Intuitive marketing builds trust and relies on trust. Trust is largely a function of reputation, and building and reinforcing brand reputation is a critical function of marketing.
    2. consistency – Intuitive marketing is consistent and therefore communicates reliability. Your communication should be consistent, with great graphic design, similar layouts, clear and user friendly technology behind it.
    3. fluency – Intuitive marketing is easy on the mind. People simply remember it, like it or share it with others. The great example is Allegro advertisement before Christmas time ( below)
    4. aspiration –  Human beings are hard-wired to be aspirational. We always want to achieve more, to be part of something greater than ourselves. Your brand image should be linked with something inspirational like Nike – achievement, Apple – creativity, great design
    5. emotional reward –  Intuitive marketing recognizes and leverages the power of small emotional rewards, which often provide an excellent substitute for persuasion, like Coke – smile and freedom, being together.
    6. aligned intent – intuitive marketing recognizes the importance of anticipating and reacting to the consumer’s current mental state and situation – social media, current political and social environment, micro and macro needs. All these elements can be used for your business, for your offer differentation.

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