Magento 2 Icecat live 

Today I got information that new extensions for Magento are ready.

Icecat is a really powerful database. It will save your hours for product data uploading.

Icecat is a leading content provider providing free data-sheets for your web store. It has also a paid version that has much more features and access to the valid product data provided by the manufacturer, with many photos, videos, and attributes..

Look on the Icecat website to find out if we have the content for your assortment.

This real-time module fully automatically loads and caches the full product information live per product* in your Magento web store! No complex configurations, no extra hosting requirements or programming needed. Just sign up, install the module, follow the steps and you are ready to go!

Download Icecat Live for Magento

Download Icecat Live for Magento 2

Installation instructions for Magento

Installation instructions for Magento 2

Note: This module does not create products in your Magento environment, it just displays rich content in the front end of the store for the products that are present in your store. So you should already have products imported or e.g. use our Iceimport service to get this done.

*Note: the Icecat content is not saved in your Magento database and therefore it does not support layered navigation filters or back office content editing. For this, you’ll need the Magento Connect module

We can help with custom filtering and custom integrations with Magento. Please contact us if you need help.