“What marketing tools work in small business”  I was asked many times.

You have a full range of tools and methods:

  1. You know all off-line marketing tools like:
    1. banners
    2. business cards
    3. advertisements in radio,
    4. press,
    5. visual identity – papers,
    6. calendars,
    7. even packages,
    8. off-line catalogs,
    9. trade shows
    10. membership of professional organizations, etc.
  2. Online tools:
    1. website
    2. email campaigns
    3. affiliate systems
    4. other portals
    5. blogs
    6. podcasts
    7. online catalogs
    8. online shops, etc.
    9. social media
    10. twitter, etc.

Recently I got a request to help one wholesaler that sells interior design products. They had a clear vision and great products to present.

But they forgot about hotels and restaurants as their prospective clients. After analysis, I suggested it and some other good tips.

They had to change a little bit of their marketing strategy and materials to enter and get such clients.

There is another story for B2B small business marketing tools.

There are plenty of tools but you have to be realistic about what you can afford, but more than that, what will actually help you where you are.

If you build your expertise, sell your products to prospective customers, the best and less time and money consuming tools are the following:

B2B marketing tools:

1. Consistently post actionable content on your blog.

2. Guest post on sites that have a larger audience than you.

3. Be interviewed on podcasts.

4. Build your email list – better with CRM, automation marketing like Marketo, SalesManago, Zoho CRM, or Pipedrive.

5. Connect with your audience and know what they actually need – use good landing pages, test your website using the Optimisely app.

6. Create, modify products and services on regular basis – to be always on the top of interest.

You noticed that I didn’t mention any Adwords or affiliates campaigns here. Yes, I think that for long term operations, you can successfully operate without it.

Adwords conversion rates dropped rapidly. Too many companies are using it. You will find many tutorials on how to differentiate, how to build a successful campaign. All these tutorials are based on history. Please remember that Google is changing all the time its machine.

Of course, I can help – I specialize in marketing processes automation, especially.

I know and use many tools that can be useful for small, medium companies. Some of them can be also applied to huge companies but they use different tools.


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