Polish fanpage trends on facebook present one important information – the key driver for growing number of fans: technology and fun.

Telecommunication companies have an impressive number of fans but the most engaged fans are from other pages: kwejk.pl and all other related to relax and entertainment.

There are lack of hobby related leaders. It looks like Google Plus is taking such users into its umbrella. It is quite interesting differentiation.

fanpage polska 201306


All other graphs are available at Sotrender.pl

There is a difference with fan engagement. Here you can find more hobby, fitness related pages but still they are unique.

It means that facebook is really for fun and entertainment for Polish users. There is no difference from global statistics.

If you look at Polish fanpage trends from previous months the situation is really similar.

There is no simple answer if the number of fans is really a key factor for successful social presence. I think that their engagement is most important.

I will try to find some nice cases of social media engagement examples and will share with you soon.