Instagram sales are possible via Liketobuy or Foursixty.

Recent changes in policy in 2017 have made Instagram feeds more shoppable, but there are still limits to what you can do without using third-party apps.


helps turn your own and customer-generated content into shoppable galleries for your online store. This makes it easier for followers to directly access your products, which is better for sending traffic and should increase sales.

Curalate is a multi-channel marketing platform that helps you create a unified shopping experience across social communities like Instagram, mobile applications, and your website. Its Like2Buy app creates shoppable content

All customers’ sales were growing after adding these applications. The same situation is with Inglot.

It works very simply. You need to like the product and then in the product description, you have to add the personalized link to your online shop.

I like it very much. Of course, it is not for free. You need to pay $50-300 depending on your followers’ volume.

Many companies are using it, especially in fashion and beauty industries.

Social media power simply grows.

Recently I attended some Hubspot training about social media inbound marketing. They also suggested using Instagram for getting better sales and conversion.

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