Your eCommerce Checkout Optimization Checklist

The checkout page is an eCommerce term that refers to any of the eCommerce website pages shown to a customer during the step-by-step checkout process. It is an online equivalent of a physical checkout counter in a brick-and-mortar store where a consumer pays for the chosen goods. Check out pages come in two types: one-page checkout and multi-page checkout. Both have pros and cons.

I suggest simplifying process into the one-page checkout process.

1 Don’t require registration to shop – give a “Guest” option

2 Inform customers if the item is available

3 Allow your customers to easily modify the order

4 Provide photos, specifications, and links to the items in the basket

5 Inform the users about delivery times

6 Reduce the number of steps required to checkout

7 Provide a progress indicator

8 Make check out feel secure – install a SSL certificate

9 Keep the checkout interface simple

10 Enable address lookup / predictive entry tools

  • Polish Shop Magento

    with many payment and shipping options

    ecommerce checkout optimization
  • STM Goods Checkout

    with Amazon Pay

11 Copying shipping address to billing address to save time

12 Store customer information for marketing communication. A loyal customer leaves more money.

13 Offer multiple payment options

14 Offer free or cheap shipping

15 Making account creation a part of the process

16 Optimize for mobile – 60% prospects are searching on smartphones or tablets.

17 Implement clear and helpful error messages

18 Keep the ‘Back’ button fully functional

19 Provide users with real-time-support – chat, chatbots

20 Send out a confirmation email

Make the eCommerce checkout optimization checklist a priority in regular weekly checks and you’ll quickly see a reduction in the number of abandoned carts!

Abandoned carts in eCommerce checkout

The typical ratio for online shops is 15-25% of abandoned carts. If you have a higher ratio, there is a space for improvement.

If you need help, please feel free to contact me

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