I followed the similar methodology in 3 days workshop in Helsinki in 2003. It was an amazing meeting for me – very valuable for any future projects and my creativity.

I think it can be useful even today.

Our panel was divided into many sessions and topics.

We concentrated on:

  1. strategy elements,
  2. issues
  3. reviews from customers and
  4. trends in the market
  5. technology changes
  6. totally brainstorming ideas what new things, products, services we can add to Nokia.

What tools we used:

  1. yellow cards
  2. 7 hats
  3. storyboards
  4. process creation
  5. many reports, data – now I would name it – BI dashboards
  6. simple one-to-one talks
  7. seminars
  8. pitches
  9. videos

I remember that I spent each day for over 14 hours of thinking, creating and analyzing topics.

It was really amazing time. I learned more than during many other training sessions.

Simply such workshop is really worth to do.

They have to have a very good team and leaders for each panel.

I also remember such situation when I worked in Procter&Gamble.

It was a one-day event but also very fruitful. We found a very efficient solution in our multimillion project.

Sometimes you can use the same techniques for your product management cycle.