All your employees may have to have such approach to work and their job nowadays to succeed. Many researches prove that it creates their ownership of work and loyalty to your company.

Mamy huge corporation recently try to come back to the lean management and the entrepreneurship behavior inside their company.

Why Entrepreneurship it so important? The answer is following – it simply helps to:

  • manage innovations
  • build scaled systems
  • improve business processes
  • manage by leadership
  • build ownership and loyalty

Digideo and Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurshipDigideo promotes an entrepreneurship approach to any business: small or big one.

We helped several businesses to implement, change their new business models, improve processes and build stable organization.

Per Wikipedia – Entrepreneur is defined as an individual who organizes or operates a business or businesses.

The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator — a generator of new ideas and business processes. It is in line with our “Dig Idea” motto. Our team concentrates on management skills and strong team building abilities that are often perceived as essential leadership attributes for successful entrepreneurs. We share our knowledge via blog or consultation

Small business

small businessSmall businesses are our key clients. We help them survive and develop their abilities, products and services via different types of services.

Remember – all global corporations were small businesses some time ago.

It is possible to grow and squeeze your competition.

We offer our expertize in:

  • building scaled system
  • new business models
  • processes and organizational structure
  • e-commerce and omnichanel implementation

E-commerce is a great place for entrepreneurship approach

Why ? Because it changes how business operate. It brings innovations, optimizations and a lot of opportunities. It requires flexibility and adaptability of your people, as well as creativity and frequent changes in your offering:

  • building your e-commerce team require a little bit different type of people
  • e-commerce strategy is everything about entrepreneuship. It is a part of your strategy but with a focus on IT and digital marketing cooperation.
  • your business model has to be changed. It requires many different tools, innovations, big data and analytics understanding, many new roles in your team, as well as a huge changes in offline business.

Scaled systems are “must-to-have”

all businesses are systems of interactions between clients, employees, products, services and sales channels.

Building a new business model means a “scaled system’s building” that will operate and bring profit:

  • new business models
  • new marketing systems – mix of marketing automation, crm, emailing, online couponing
  • product/service cycle obstacles – totally new bottlenecks and issues
  • business processes optimization as a frequent constant process that has to be implemented as a routine
  • entrepreneurship approach is needed here as your business grows and changes.
  • choosing good people: employees and contractors that are in line with your approach

These are elements I love to work with. Somebody said that ” nothing is stable than the change”.

Entrepreneurship is a solution for such rapid changes in our business world.

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