Usability testing is really important. I received many questions why we should take care about.

Actually the answer is really simple – the usability, friendliness of your website, online store, application or user interface of any window in your application – all of them need to be

  • simple,
  • intuitive
  • and straightforward.

Please look at the Apple iPad or iPhone – you have one button and a very well designed navigation: simple, intuitive and user friendly.

Each design has to take into account not only functions, features and your needs, it has also take into account usability, ergonomic design and simply your customers habits.

Yes, customer habits are also important.

The main goal of each online platform is:

1. better goal conversion

2. better sales – higher volume.

3. better leads collection

4. less cart abandons

5. more sales – because you know what your customers are looking for

How does the usability test look like?

You can find here a great example of one 300 million dollars button that changed company totally.

Digideo specializes in usability audits that are also linked to optimization audits.

We use a specific user testing for each project that we receive.

Setting up a usability test involves carefully creating a scenario, or realistic situation, wherein the person performs a list of tasks using the product being tested while observers watch and take notes.

Several other test instruments such as scripted instructions, prototypes, and pre- and post-test questionnaires are also used to gather feedback on the product being tested.

For example, to test the attachment function of an e-mail program, a scenario would describe a situation where a person needs to send an e-mail attachment, and ask him or her to undertake this task. The aim is to observe how people function in a realistic manner, so that developers can see problem areas, and what people like. Techniques popularly used to gather data during a usability test include think aloud protocol, co-discovery learning and eye tracking.

We use our own tools, google analytics,  ClickHeat with heat maps, Crazyegg, or It depends on our customer needs.

why usability testing - heat maps

These tools are great.

You can check their offer and you will see also pricing.

Mobile friendliness

is also very important since April 2015 where Google simply promotes mobile friendly websites. they have better position in Google search.

Is usability testing expensive?

I think that usability testing cost depends on the project. Sometimes for simple websites it will cost $ 300-400 , for more advanced a few times more.

The main reason is that we need to analyze the mix of usability and your expectations. Simply it has to be linked to your main goal.

Page by page, button by button, goal by goal, goal conversion by goal conversion   – and your expectation, and your clients needs.

It is also time consuming.

We also share our knowledge and best practices in industry as well as the most innovative ideas and tips.

Simply you are in good hands.

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